What is the Rank Tracker Dashboard?

The dashboard provides a clear visual display of key metrics and trends using a set of widgets that represent the most valuable data at a glance.

Let’s have a closer look at the main dashboard elements and find out how we can use these data to our strategic advantage.

  1. Traffic value - displays the estimated value of clicks to the website based on the traffic & CPC (Cost-per-click).

2. Tracked keywords - represent the number of keywords you are currently tracking on this domain.

3. Pages - shows the number of URLs ranking for the keywords you track on Wincher.

4. Traffic is the estimated number of clicks each month calculated from the keywords' search volume multiplied by the (roughly) estimated CTR (click-through rate) for the current position.

5. Top competitors - allows you to see the top-performing competitors based on their ranking for the selected keywords.

6. Position changes - the summary of the gained and lost positions in the selected date range. You can see the Position Changes summary per day if you hover over a specific date.

7. Average position - represents the average position for all keywords in the current selection. The number above the chart displays the average position on the last day in the selected date range, to the right of the average position value is the change during the period.

8. Position distribution - indicates the overall ranking of your domain on SERPs for a variety of differently ranked keywords.

9. SERP features - The widget displays how many keywords are shown in the search results with a special SERP feature. Common examples of SERP features include Shopping Results, Information Snippets, FAQs, Recipes, image packs, etc.

10. Groups traffic - shows the best keyword groups based on the estimated traffic per month.

11. Pages traffic - displays the top-performing pages based on the estimated monthly traffic.

12. Traffic growth - shows keywords with the highest estimated traffic increase during the selected period. Please, note that the traffic values are per month regardless of the period.

13. Traffic loss - Keywords with the most estimated traffic loss during the selected period. Traffic values are per month regardless of the period.

14. Traffic opportunities - Keywords that may significantly increase your traffic with a few position gains.

Our Team is constantly working to improve our quality of service to meet your current requirements and complement it with the best user experience possible. If you encounter any technical problems or would like to add another feature to the existing dashboard, please feel free to share your thoughts with us at support@wincher.com.

We hope the dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your ranking data, and helps you choose the best SEO strategy.

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