When working with a large number of keywords, it may be challenging to find the information you are looking for. Let’s see how you can save time by filtering away any irrelevant data and saving those filters as segments.

Add filters

Click “Add filter” at the top of your dashboard, and you will see the list of filtering categories such as Keyword, Group, Position, etc.:

Each category has advanced filtering options that allow you to narrow down the results to only display the keywords that meet specific criteria.

You can add as many filters as you require:

To edit a filter, click on the selected filtering category, make the necessary changes and hit “Apply” or press the “x”-button if you want to remove it:

Save filters as a Segment

It's possible to re-use a set of filters by saving them as a Segment. These segments are shared across all users on your account, making workflows more efficient for larger organizations.

Once you're satisfied with the applied filters and you want to save them into a Segment, click "Save Segment" and give it a name:

You will now find your new segment in the "Segments" dropdown.

You can always go back and edit the existing segment if you need to review or delete any filters. When you save the updated segment you can pick from two options:

  • Save changes to the existing segment

  • Create new segment

Now you are all set! We hope this feature will save you a ton of time.

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