The "Projects" feature allows you to ensure your data is organized in the most optimal way, keep track of your progress in certain areas of business, conduct more precise analysis and as a consequence, build a better strategy.

Enterprise Plan subscribers can invite internal and external (read-only) users and grant permissions to certain projects only if they need to maintain data confidentiality.

In case you need to track the rank of a specific segment of your business, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a project by clicking the “Projects” button at the top right corner and you’ll be navigated straight to the required page.

  2. Give a name to your project.

3. Appoint your team members for this project if required.

If you need to invite your colleagues to your account, please find the "Manage users" button in the dropdown menu under the "My Account" icon.

4. Add relevant websites to this project. Note that you can only select websites that you are currently tracking.

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