Using keyword research

Keyword research is a tool to help you find keywords. It's accessed by going to the Dashboard of one of your domains. In the top navigation menu go to "Keyword research":

Here you have a few options to decide what type of keywords should show:

1. You can filter the results by having them contain a specific word/sentence

2. Only show keywords between specific rankings by adjusting "Seen"-bar.

3. Only show keywords between a specific number of words by adjusting the "Words"-bar.

4. Only show keywords with a specific number of searches made for them each months by using the "Search volume"-bar.

5. Only show keywords between a specific number of competitors by using the "Competition"-bar.

The keywords below can be added one by one, by using the "+ ADD"-button:

Multiple keywords can be added at the same time by checking the box to the left of the keyword, then use

and pick "Add to website". Adding all keywords at the same time can be done by checking the box at the top next to "Keyword"

and then using the "--Bulk action--" dropdown-menu and adding all.

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